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ch033 - mood theme

mood theme

angry / confused / predatory / naughty

neversleeps / wildpages / talipuu / light_ofmy_life

For this week's challenge you're going to make icons following the 132 mood themes of LJ! :)
You can find a list of all the mood themes here including some explanations for a few less know moods.
credit for this challenge goes to teenwolf_elite!

» you can submit up to 4 icons.
» please post the icons and their respective urls in a new post! don't post them in a comment to this entry!
» please tag your entries with your username. if you don't have a tag or can't add one on your own, please ask in your entry for one.
» all effects, besides animation, are allowed.
» your icons must match lj standards (100x100px, max. 40kb). please post no pornographic icons.
» this challenge ends next Wednesday, February 3rd, Midnight CET (countdown clock).
» if you have any questions regarding this challenge, feel free to comment below (comments are screened) or PM one of the mods! :)
» most importantly: have fun!
Tags: !challenge, challenge 33
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